Treatment Services

Naturopathic Functional Medicine uses a wide array of natural therapies. Below are the therapies I regularly use.

Comprehensive Intake

A comprehensive intake is the basis of Naturopathic Medicine, and YOU are at the heart of it!

In the comprehensive intake, we determine the potential causes of your condition, as well as your circumstances, your goals and preferences.

This in depth information builds the basis for an individualized treatment plan aimed at re-establishing the natural balance within your body, and working with the unique interphase of your bodies’ needs, your lifestyle and your environment.


In-Depth & Specialized Testing

Conventional and specialized tests are the key to unlock the biochemical changes underlying a disease condition.

Test don’t guess! 

In order to get to the root of your ailment, Naturopathic Functional Medicine dives deep into your biochemistry and genetics, often beyond the bounds of conventional testing.

There are many in depth conventional and  specialized tests available to assess determinants of health – from screening blood counts to antioxidant status, mineral levels, heavy metal burden, hormones levels and many more!

Nutrient Supplements

Vitamins, minerals and other nutraceuticals are the building-blocks of your biochemistry and a keystone in each Naturopathic Functional Therapy.

Nutrients can be administered orally, topically or even intravenously to correct deficiencies quickly and effectively.

Intravenous Therapies

Intravenous Therapy is invaluable for conditions that require high doses of nutrients in a short period of time, or as an avenue for remedies that cannot be administered orally. I routinely recommend

  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy to support every day health
  • Intravenous Glutathione for advanced antioxidant support
  • Chelation Therapy for cardiovascular support and heavy metal reduction
  • High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC) + Mistletoe Therapy as adjunct therapies in cancer care

Hormone Therapy

Hormones govern practically all functions of the body, from stress response, metabolism, to fertility, digestion, even emotional well-being. Hormone support is an important part of balancing menopause symptoms, thyroid function and adrenal function. I use

  • Herbs & botanicals
  • Nutrient supplements and/or
  • Bio-identical hormones

to rebalance your fe/male hormones, thyroid hormones and adrenal hormones.

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Herbal & Botanical Medicine

Herbs have been used for hundreds of years for a plethora of ailments. They work well in conjunction with vitamins and minerals and are often as effective as prescription medications but without the side effects.

Diet & Lifestyle

We are what we eat!

Diet is the foundation of a healthy body and mind, and a healthy diet is at the basis of any treatment. I will assess your diet habits and suggest diet adjustments based on your individual needs. Common diet suggestions include elimination diet, low FODMAP diet or Paleo diet.

Prescription Medicine

Although not the first choice, prescription medication can be a valuable asset – especially acute conditions that require immediate attention, or as medications that are used as adjunct therapy in complex conditions.

A few invaluable Medications in my practice are

  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Rifaximin
  • Desiccated Thyroid
  • Metformin/Glucophage

I'm looking forward to seeing You!